Learn how to create amazing 3d sculpts, using industry's top digital software- Zbrush!

Guiding you on this journey is an award winning digital sculptor, Art Academy professor and a studio head with over 15 years of industry experience!

Every section comes with written learning material summarizing the most important points of the section!

Every section comes with a Quiz that will test your knowledge so you can make sure you learned all you need! Download written learning materials and Zbrush tools so you can learn even when of-line!


In the course we will tackle different challenges- how to sculpt stone, wood, metal, soft fabric and folds, we will have quick sculpts in speed sculpting sessions that will force you to think fast and focus on what is important, but we will also have slow sculpts that go deep into details and challenge your patience and endurance as a sculptor.

I love the concept of a naked chef introduced by Jami Oliver, where he takes basic everyday ingredients and makes amazing dishes- this is my approach to digital sculpting!

Focus here is to elevate your sculpting not to overwhelm you with a ton more new buttons or workflows you need to remember! Let’s keep it simple, but powerful!

We will also take a look at Keyshot, my software of choice for rendering my sculpts! It is completely integrated with Zbrush and has the same philosophy I love and follow- keep it simple and powerful!

It’s been a long time in the making and I am so happy and excited to finally share this course with you!

6 WEEK WORKSHOP- Zbrush Foundation

The course is based on my best selling, highest rated Udemy Zbrush course “Sculting In Zbrush“, but with much more personal guidance, for all of those that want to learn Zbrush in a more guided, mentored environment!

At the beginning I will evaluate your skill level– Beginner with no prior knowledge or Beginner/Intermediate with prior knowledge- and assignments will be adjusted so you can get the best out of the Workshop!

We have live lectures, assignments and assignment reviews, 1on1 talks, QnA’s– everything you need to get over the hump of trying to learn something new and getting into the exciting realm of digital sculpting!

I want to help you learn all you need to start sculpting with confidence! During our live sessions I will see the screens of every student and will give live guidance and help so you can master everything we are discussing with ease!


Some free learning resources


I’m a Senior Artist with an MA in Sculpting, situated in Split/Croatia. I worked on short animated films which received over 70 international awards, including the OSCAR qualifying ANIMATED EYE award at Aspen shortsfest in Colorado USA, and the FIPRESCI international film critiques society award at ANNECY, France ( largest festival for animated films in the world) .

My works were published in EXPOSE 8, EXPOSE 9, EXPOSE 11, ANIMATION REPORTER MAGAZINE, HDRI 3D MAGAZINELIGHTWAVE3D NEWSLETTER , InCG Magazine, Vidi Magazine.. and featured in brochures and loaders for LIGHTWAVE3D NEWTEKAUTODESK MUDBOX….. 


Graduated at the University of Split, Electrical Engineer

Graduated at the University of Split, Programming Engineer

Graduated at Academy of Fine Arts in Split, MA in Sculpting

 Work Experience

 I worked on countless projects for clients all over the world, since 2004, including FoxTV, CNBC, Unilever, Financial Times, P20, William Grant & Sons, Lipton, HEP, NFB (National Film Board of Canada), Town of Klis, Town of Zagreb, Magnet Gaming, Imagination:First, MSAN… just to name a few.

I also have teaching experience having worked as a professor for 2 years at HIGH SCHOOL OF MULTIMEDIA AND COMMUNICATION TECHNOLOGIES in Split, and working as an outside associate at the ART ACADEMY in Split, with title of DOCENT. I have a Highest rated Udemy course for beginner/intermediate in Sculpting in Zbrush and I am a part of ARTSTATION LEARNING

Talk&Workshop engagements:

2013 IFCC Conference, 2014 IFCC Conference, 2015 Reboot Gaming Conference, 2016 FantaSTikon conference, 2017 FantaSTikon conference, 2019 Annecy MIFA, 2019 IFCC Conference….

 Awards and recognitons:

CGTalk Award, Artstation Pick, CGSociety Editors Choice Award, 3D Total Excellence Award, 3D Total Gallery Award, Newtek Holliday Challenge Winner, Rebus Farm Artist of the Month, 3DHR Pick, CG+ Editors Pick…. 


HDRI Magazine, Animation Reporter Magazine, Expose 8, Ballistic Publishing, Expose 9, Ballistic Publishing, Expose 11, Ballistic Publishing, Newtek Online Magazine, InCG Magazine issue 31, InCG Magazine issue 32, Vidi Magazine


Sinj, Gallery Sikirica, Split, 38. Splitski Salon, Split, Premijere 35, Sinj, Gallery Galiotović, Split, Gallery Galić, Solin, Gallery Zvonimir, Split, Gallery Of Arts, Fast Forward, Split, 39. Splitski Salon, Solin, Gallery Zvonimir, Solin, Gallery Zvonimir, Split, Gallery “Vasko Lipovac”, Splitski Val, Solin, Galerija Zvonimir, Mali Format, Zagreb, Forum Galerija, IFCC Exibition, Solin, Galerija Zvonimir, Mali Format, Split, Skola Gallery, HULU, Virtual Galic Gallery……





Milivoj Popovic
Karlovo 53
21214 Kastel Kambelovac